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What is Athlete Health?

The most risky branches in sports injuries; Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey Sports is your greatest passion. You do sports regularly and see sports as an indispensable part of your daily life. Or your biggest dream is to do sports. When you find time with your friends on the carpet field …

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Dear athletes, the body is not sufficiently regenerated, the body is tired, physically and psychologically reluctant and weak, causing easier injury. Another problem with overloading without undue rest is the situation of SURANTRENE, which is characterized by severe performance degradation. It is a chronic chronic fatigue that lasts for days …

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Athlete Health Research and Athletic Performance Aum

The fact that there is a very small number of athletes’ health centers in Istanbul creates an important deficiency especially in the studies aimed at developing sports and health tourism in our country. The athletes should undergo annual health checks against the risk of sudden death in sports and their …

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