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History of the Olympic Games

All athletes come together at the Olympic Games held every four years in the world regardless of religion, language and race. In this sport feast, we enter into an honest and fraternal race while adhering to the rules. The main objective of the Olympic movement is to realize the balanced …

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Basketball is a popular team game and sport, played by a hand-held ball. Basketball is a five-person team ball and a hand-played sport. In basketball as a team game, the ball must be passed through a hoop of 3.05 meters in height. This sport, which has a worldwide popularity, was …

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What is Athlete Health?

The most risky branches in sports injuries; Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey Sports is your greatest passion. You do sports regularly and see sports as an indispensable part of your daily life. Or your biggest dream is to do sports. When you find time with your friends on the carpet field …

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Sports History

Sport is a part of universal culture and it is an important tool which unites language, race and religion in the world. It is an activity that contributes to world peace. In addition to its physical benefits, we can define it as a group of actions that aim to positively …

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