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Skiing, based on its history, is a sport dating back 5,000 years. But it is estimated that he was born due to need from the early times. Excavations in Sweden have found some sledges similar to those found by chance. Assuming that the first skis are made of pine wood, the skis are not much changed nowadays. Because the most expensive skis are made from pine trees.

EkinAta Grand Toprak Hotel provides you with a unique skiing experience and allows you to have a good time with your family. However, skiing, which we care so much, was only used as a means of transportation in Finland and Sweden until the 15th century. It spread to the world towards the end of the 15th century and its popularity on the world increased. Immediately after its popularity, skiing tended to be accepted as a sport. For the first time in 1866, skiing competitions were held in Cristina, which showed an unexpected interest and demand from the public. Following this event, which was organized in Oslo in 1879, which is a much larger ski sport organization than the first event, some rules were announced. As EkinAta Grand Toprak Hotel, we tried to give a new meaning to skiing.

Skiing How to do?

Since it is a sport, it is necessary to do warm-up before starting. It is even more important than other sports. Because in cold times your muscles harden, contractions and cramps can be seen more often. During your sports week, stop eating fatty foods and meats for a while. Instead, take out an energizing, carbs and vegetable-weighted menu. You should pay attention to water consumption. If you have not stored too much water in your body, it is recommended that you breathe through your nose so that the body does not lose water and can breathe more easily.

If you ask which ski team, your instructor will provide the most suitable ski team. After you buy your ski equipment such as ski goggles, wristband and knee brace, you are ready for skiing. But first you will have to go through an education. Because wrong actions can cause you to get injured and more importantly, you can lose your life.

Skiing Techniques

For skiing there are slopes called ski slopes. Our Ekinata grand earth hotel has 4 runways, starting, easy, medium and advanced. Each of these tracks should be skied with different techniques. These techniques;

Monoski Technique: It is much wider than the standard ski dimensions and can be slid by fixing two feet on a single ski. This technique is most preferred on rough and hard tracks.

Carvink Technique: The other name of Carvink technique is “parabolic sky.. Carvink is a technique made with skis with wide heels with both wide and rounded edges. This type of skiing technique makes cornering much sharper and more comfortable. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred techniq

ues on hard runways.

Telemark Technique: With this technique you can slide on all kinds of surfaces. When testing, care should be taken to release the ski attached to the foot from the heel.

Boardercross: This technique is a technique that all skiers gather together and try together. Once the competition has started, skiers must pass through the pits, the hills and the set turns.

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