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Rowing can be described as going backwards in an unstable boat as fast as possible despite the burning lungs and muscles. It is one of the very few athletic disciplines that train all the main muscle groups of the body, rowing requires physical strength and fitness. Different branches such as lightweight, sprint, distance for sports are made with single or eight teams. The rowing is managed by the International Rowing Federation. FISA was founded in 1892 and is the oldest federation in the Olympic branches. Races made with one paddle in two hands are called single row races, races made with two paddles in one hand are called double rowing races. The basic number of paddles per minute is the total number of paddles per minute.

Athlete Profile

Rowing requires strength, endurance, balance, technical competence and mental discipline. Rowers consume more power than in any sport, while a 2000-size race requires the strength of a sprinter, requiring mental and physical stamina to continue with lactic acid-burning muscles; balance, rhythm and technical control are not compromised. Being tall is an advantage, with longer arms and legs means longer rowing. Most senior male rowers are 2 m tall and most women are 1.80 m tall.

Racing Formats

There are many different racing formats given the long history of sport. Apart from the 2000 m standard races, there are races against time, long distance races, such as Tour De Leman and non-Olympic races. There are also bump races in the United Kingdom that try to hit the boat in front, or two races in the US, with two laps between two points.

Olympic Races: Olympic races are held on a straight track. Teams try to qualify in 6 lanes with qualifying and repechage races (2nd chance races). The first 3 teams in each semi-final go to the A final, while the last 3 teams go to the final B which will determine 7-12.

2000 M Races: Olympic, World Championship and World Cup races are held on standard 2000 m courses. The World Cup and Olympics, 8 men and from 1976 onwards 6 women’s races. The World Championship is held every year, except for the Olympic Games, and distributes medals in a total of 24 categories (14 men and 10 women). The World Cup is held each year in 3 different locations. Rowing for the disabled was first introduced to the World Championships in 2002, and the 2008 Paralympic Games will be the first in the Olympics.

Weight Loss: It is one of the very few sports in the weight category other than martial arts. This allows the underdeveloped countries to appear in sports. In men, the average team is 70 kg, while no member can weigh more than 72.5 kilos; in women, the average weight is 57, while individual weights cannot exceed 59 pounds. The first light weight races at the World Championships took place in 1974 for men and 1985 for women; He joined the Olympic program in 1996.

Head Racing: An alternative one-on-one race, head racing against time, with hundreds of teams running one after the other on the same track. The largest participating race is held in Boston, Massachusetts each year.

Other Races: Over time, many different races have incorporated themselves into their race calendars. The first 18 The Boat Race yapılan, held in 1829, takes place between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge at a distance of 6779 meters on the River Thames. Yale and Harvard Universities have been organizing a similar race in New London, Connecticut since 1852. In addition, there are countless races with university teams. One of the most famous is “Henley Dream üya Regatta. In this prestigious and exclusive race that started in 1839, teams compete side by side on a 2112 m track. In 1988, the first ley Henley Womentas Regatta ”was built and in 1993 a class for women was opened.

Single And Double?

The difference between single and double is the number of shovels used. The boats are the same, only arrangements are made according to the varying number of oars.

Single: Two to eight people – competing in different combinations, as well as a hand where everyone can write, each rower has a ceiling.

Double: Athletes have two oars. Although there are 8 pairs, there are usually double races from single to 4 pairs.

Boats And Oars

As rowing equipment is expensive, boats usually belong to clubs, but some athletes have their own rowing. For the race, athletes usually wear one piece of clothing that surrounds the body, the color of their country or team. Other clothing that will not interfere with breathing in harsh weather conditions can be worn.

Boats: Traditional wooden boats have already been replaced by modern ones, carbon fiber or fiberglass boats. The boats are long thin and thus splash the water. Boat lengths depend on FISA rules and vary by class. Their width is 59.7 cm and 62.2 cm. A small keel is used for balance, rudder is added to other boats except for one double and two pairs.

Rowing Rules: All countries’ own federations set their own rules and there is little difference between them, ultimately the goal is to provide the most fair and safe racing environment. Each country is a member of FISA (International Federation of Rowing Communities) and FISA is the sole authority in the international arena.

Races and Regatta

The regatta are conducted by a committee of race judges headed by a president. The referees control the team and the boat before any team enters the water. At the beginning of the race, all boats come to their own lanes, either fixed by an electronic mechanism, the starter shoe or an attendant, then another officer checks whether the boats are properly positioned. A sign is used to start a gun, an audible warning or a traffic light. If any incorrect output occurs, the boats will be recalled and the start procedure will restart. Boats have the right to make a single faulty exit without being disqualified.

One referee monitors the boats throughout the lane için to avoid making any rudder errors, such a failure is preventing disqualification from other teams. A whistle beeps at the finish line and the referee announces that the race has been done properly and is over by waving a white flag after the last boat. The winning bow is the first team to cross the line. 3 photo finish referees control the ranking in close-up races. 3 predetermined judges will evaluate the objections made later.

Dual Rowing

Although it looks like a sport involving the upper body, the main strength comes from the athlete’s legs. The rowers sit in the opposite direction and immerse the shovels in the water and pull the shovel with their legs. The technique is exactly the same in both single and double and consists of 4 main phases. What is essential is to make the transition between these phases as smooth as possible. A good shovel gives the appearance of comfortable and effortless, but there is pure power behind it. Being able to give the required power from the boat s

moothly, while maintaining the balance on the one hand and having the right timing with the other team members, is based on great technical capacity and hours of training.

Competing to Win

Rowers agree with the “rating” (number of shovels per minute). Rowing rating is high per race, up to 50 without 8 single helmsman. In this section, rowers work well and start to burn lactic acid. Then, when the required race speed is captured, the team starts to protect it, during this period the rating drops to 38-40. • At some tactical points or to respond to some attacks, tactics such as “one more ten”, “two strengths veril are given and this rating is increased instantly. When the final level is reached, the sprint starts once again and the rating is again 46 or less. In the meantime, the muscles and lungs of the rowers are more useful than the start. A high rating does not always guarantee speed, as technical competence is very important, a team with a high technique can easily pass a higher rated team.

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