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You can’t get enough of watching the fencing sport. The sport of dignity, power and honor. Fencing is a sport where speed and excitement are intertwined with gentlemanhood always at the forefront.

Fencing is a form of European-style duels that have become a sport today. Nowadays, it is a version of the collision with the sword adapted to the modern sport and organized about the Olympic competitions. With its special clothes and masks, it keeps safety at the forefront without paying for elegance and elegance. As a sport of power and honor, speed and excitement, it has succeeded in putting its name in a different place than other sports.

Fencing is a game where you will encounter a new puzzler at every step and you will discover a new feeling at every step. Even though we cannot see their eyes through their masks, this is a journey to eternity with today’s fencers, which keeps the spirit of knighthood alive in their hearts.

If you’re ready to embark on this adventurous victory, you’ll be able to step by step discover all the unknowns about fencing and fencers.

Fencing is the art of using European swords. It is a modern sport that took place in the Olympics since 1896 and came from dueling in Europe with the sword in the past. Also called Olympic fencing.

     If we make a more technical definition of fencing, which is known as the sport of power and honor, fencing is a sport of defense and assault with non-penetrating and non-cutting material. In fact, for most people, life is more than sports, it is love.

      Fencing is a wonderful and enjoyable sport, especially when you put on the fencing mask, you get rid of all the stress of life, your opponent and your soul are important for you at that moment.

     It is divided into 3 branches: Epe, Flore and Sword. The difference between branches is due to the differences in the weapons used, fencing target zones and rules.

The weight of Flere is up to 500 grams. The total length of the weapon is 110 cm. The barrel is made of steel and has a spring-loaded barrel on one side, which allows the completion of the electrical circuit and thus the button, while the other side has a bow and pistol grip. Flör is a nudge weapon, so you only win the key with the nudge made with the weapon does not give you the number of cuts. The current key field is only in the body. In order to distinguish the current key area (see below), a metallic vest with a conductive outer surface is worn over the fencing suit. In order for the impulse to be key, it must be done with a force of 500 grams. There is a rule of attack superiority.

First of all, we would like to say that the target is the whole body in epe branch. There is no superiority between the rules of attack, so that the opponent is entitled to take the number of impulses before the opponent. In addition, the weight of the epene is at most 770 grams. The total length of the weapon is 110 cm.dir.Tuşlar can be done only by poking, that is, as in the flor with the side of the weapon does not earn you points or cuts. Since the target is the whole body, metallic vest is not worn, only white fencing and a mask are fought. To make the push button, it must be done with a weight of 750 grams.

Our target in the sword branch is above the waist. Hands are not included in the head and arms are included. Unlike epe and flora, the sword branch is a branch where keys are cut and cut. The rule of attack superiority also applies. The sword is the fastest playing branch of fencing due to its superior attack and cutting weapon. Especially because it is a cutting gun, the technique is different from the vege. The sword weapon weighs 500 grams. The total length is 105 cm. There is no movable section at the end of the barrel, as in the Flue and Epe (because you can

hit and score with the side of the cutting gun, that is, the weapon slide). In order to distinguish the current key area, a metallic vest with a conductive outer surface is worn over the fencing suit.

Trying to explain fencing in writing is like fitting the oceans into a glass. This sport can blow your mind and become addictive, all you have to do is put on that mask and take the bold step into this exciting adventure. From now on, you’il know we’re not exaggerating.

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