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Boxing is an amateur or professional sport based on fist attack and defense organized between two rivals. Boxing is also a type of sport that requires strength, endurance and serious courage.

The main goal in the boxing is to make clear and hard shots from the waist to the opponent as well as to protect himself from the blows that come to him. Gloves inflated with a soft substance are used to prevent serious injuries to competitors during boxing. Boxing matches take place in square squares called rings. Ring sizes are adjusted to 6.10 m. The circumference of the ring is surrounded by thick rope layers, which are fed by soft fabrics on the outside. Ring circumference is also surrounded by 3 or 4 layers of rope. The ropes are fixed at the corners with poles to prevent injuries. Boxers come off the ring wearing light shoes, professional players wearing only shorts and amateur players wearing shorts and athletes. Amateur and professional gamers start wearing protective goggles and helmets. Amateurs also wear protective hoods. Amateur players ‘gloves are around 225 grams, while professional players’ gloves are between 170 and 225 grams.
In boxing rounds start with gong and finish with the same sound. The rounds are ended with 5 rounds of 2 minutes for amateur matches and 15 rounds with 3 minutes for professional matches.

It is forbidden to push the elbow, the head, the back of the head and the neck, shoulders, hit the waist down, grasp the waist down, restrict movement, and hit the kidneys. At the same time it is forbidden to hit the player who has fallen to the ground again, and his opponent must wait for him to stand up. It is also forbidden to sit on the ground, trip, and hold the opponent during the game. During the encounter he is forbidden to speak with excitement. The opponent counts up to ten to the opponent who has fallen with the blow he received during the matches. If the boxer falls to the ground during this time, he can continue the game and if he does not get up during that time, the player who is knocked out is considered defeated. Boxing matches are performed in the presence of specialist doctors. As a result of the blows in the game, the doctor can decide whether the opponent can continue the game or not. Each boxer may have two assistants during the match but cannot help during the match.

In the boxing, there is a scoring system made by the referees who watch during the matches. At the end of the round with the most points wins the game. There are a few other factors that determine the win, except for knockout without scoring. These include judicial wins, subscriptions, disqualification and arbitration. A win is a win caused by an opponent’s failure to enter the ring for any reason. Abondene is the win when the boxer or his assistant accepts the superiority of the opponent during the match. The referee’s decision is the winner of the boxer’s decision to continue the match, while the disqualified is the winner of one of the boxers who violates the rule. Although boxing matches are harmful to health, they are also among the sports that are followed with enthusiasm.

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In the researches, it was concluded that boxing matches have been held since ancient times. In the relief paintings dating from the early ages, fist depicting reliefs were found and it was concluded that primitive boxing matches were held. Although the interest in boxing in our country is not clear, it started in 1915 and the first boxing club was established in 1919 in Istanbul. Our country started its first international encounters in 1928 and won the yıl Golden Glove ”award in 1940. Our country started professional boxing games after 1950s. Our country has managed to win the first place in various boxing matches and win various awards. Although it was foreseen that boxing was harmful to health and there was a danger of permanent damage, it was not possible to get a result from the Olympics, but it did not lose its status as a sport that was followed with curiosity.

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