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Cricket A game where two teams of ten play with wooden sticks to get the balls into the goal. Cricket, which first appeared in the UK, soon became a popular sport. The first cricket match was held in 1728 between Kent and Surrey. It spread over time. Today it is played in many countries. The team captain determines the locations of the players who play with their own protective white clothes. The status of the players’ layouts is adjusted according to the defensive technique and field conditions of the batsman in each team. The players’ names are based on their status on the field. The playground is round or oval, but the pitch cannot be less than 135×150 meters. The aim of the cricket played in the green grass field is to knock the 22.5 cm wide obstacle consisting of three thin sticks 70 cm in length at the center of both ends of the thick line of 20, 11×3, 04 m drawn in the middle of the field. The cricket ball, filled with mushrooms, covered with leather and 22 cm in circumference, weighs 155 grams. The way the game is played is as follows: The striking player (bowler) throws the ball in his hand towards this obstacle (goal) with all his strength. The opposing player tries to change the target by hitting the ball with his bat, and this time the other player tries to catch the ball that has been removed from the target. If he can’t reach and change the direction of the ball, he has to transfer his place to another friend. Each team has two strokes and this is done alternately. Since the duration of the matches is not determined precisely in advance, it may take two days or more to complete a match. In this context, an international competition lasts five days (30 hours). Cricket is a delightful game in many parts of the world other than England. Cricket played as a summer sport in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Hind Islands is considered a leading sport in Pakistan, India and Ceylon. Cricket is also popular in the USA and Canada and in some parts of South America. What is cricket? Cricket bats in the hands of each player, a small and hard ball specific to the game of cricket is intended to be sent to the goal of the team’s goal is to score a branch. In addition to sticks with a length of 96 centimeters, the balls are covered with leather fabrics. There are three main cricket game formats based on international cricket matches. Cricket matches, which are divided into stages called Innings, are not related to a certain period in the first years of the cricket competitions lasting about 5 days. Source: What is cricket, how to play, what is its history?

How to Play Cricket?

How to Play Cricket The main goal of cricket is to try to overthrow the opponent’s goal with the help of the ball. The game starts when the striking player throws the ball into the opposing team’s goal with a hard move. The player in the defensive position of the opposing team makes the ball go the farthest by performing a bat with the bat coming to the goal. The main goal of each player in the cricket match is to throw the ball to the opposing team’s goal with the stick in their hands. In order to do this, players have to change their positions continuously and must make quick moves. Source: What is cricket, how to play, what is its history?

What are the rules of cricket?

Competitions between countries such as every sport of cricket game or sport take place. For this reason, the rules of the game have gained considerable clarity. Because of the need for some cricket rules and the absence of an official cricket sports organization, the so-called Marylabone Cricket Club decides to change the rules. There have been 42 general rules of cricket sports which have been subject to many changes until today. However, some regulations are also included in the rules for competitions. The fi

rst four items between the rules are the rules that closely concern the referees and the players. Source: What is cricket, how to play, what is its history?

What is the History of Cricket?

The cricket game was first played in England in the 16th century. Since the 18th century it was only played in England, it gained a unique characteristic. Cricket, which was also adopted by other countries in the following years, also started to organize matches in countries such as Australia, Caribbean and India. International Cricket Council (ICC) has been established for the increasing prevalence of cricket sports among countries and has 10 members. In addition, after it became an international sport, cricket sports were bound to some rules so that the matches could be held within the framework of fair rules. Among the rules, players have no right to distract the opponent’s attention for any reason. Source: What is cricket, how to play, what is its history?

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