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The right sport makes a positive contribution to the human body and soul to lead a healthy life. Everyone should do sports and follow the first rule of living a healthy life. According to this, as in all areas, overheating in sports leads to health problems. Often, no-bound contestants suffer from damage to the bodies of the resulting sport.

These athletes cause damage to the skeletal and muscular systems. Besides the; If their attachment systems fail, their hearts grow and they turn to doping, they create permanent damage to their bodies. Those who engage in amateurish but erroneous sports for health may face similar risks. Much description of nutrition for athletes health. There is a history of chronic illness over the age of 40, especially before the start of sports there should be evaluated about the cardiovascular system, even the joints circulate here. A physician’s control is necessary for permission to start sports.

However, the real problem is experienced in young athletes. Nearly 1 million people die every year due to sports. With an ECG. Cleansing the athlete’s health includes the characteristics of sporting people, athletes there, sporting rooms, using one of the many people of overuse (overuse) origin and specific to certain sports. If we give them some of the various sports; Picking abrasions, bruises, superficial ecchymoses (simple bruises), simple muscle trauma, muscle cramps, simple ankle sprains, simple nosebleeds, mid-waist and back

In addition, contusion, meniscus lesions and muscle ruptures are seen. One of the most frequent appearances in footballers is the pain in the groin on the inner-upper part of the thigh. Here, when the knees of the players in full extension (stretched) in the deep joint of the leg with excessive abduction (distancing) to achieve resistance to strike against the defense, or to keep the ball in this position to keep the state of the adductor (approximator) is caused. In basketball players, soft tissue lesions (contusion, hematoma, facial injuries, fiber ruptures, cramps, etc.), joint traumas (ligament lesions, meniscus lesions, shoulder dislocations), fractures and to a large extent can be seen.

In an organization conducted on the runners, the muscles and tendon strains and meniscus lesions were mostly seen in the athletes. It shows more soft tissue injuries on the barbell. These are the structure of weightlifters and appear in the rib cage muscles, back muscles and wrist. The most injured area in the face of boxing is the face. In boxing as unknown, the target of punches is the face and chin. The percentage here comes from mild ecchymoses (caries), central, major fractures, and the severity of the facial organs, with varying degrees of tendency. The most common are muscle splits.

It is possible to see wrist and finger-related soft ti

ssue injuries, surface abrasions in the knee, intra- and extra-articular hematoma (accumulation of blood in and out of the joints), and similar head trauma with ligament, intra- and palatable lesions.

In skiers, ankle injuries, crus (leg) injuries, knee joint injuries, head trauma, spine injuries, frostbites and ultraviolet burns are doing.

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