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Olympic ice hockey which is a branch, which begins to play in the world towards the end of the 19th century, after the arrival in Turkey was about 100 years. The first official ice hockey matches played in Turkey in the 1990s. Ice hockey, which is described as the hızlı fastest team game in the world nedeniyle due to the fact that it is performed on ice, is widely used especially in countries such as Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, the United States and Slovakia.

3 periods from twenty minutes

Ice hockey is a sport where two teams fight in three periods of twenty minutes. There are 15 minute intervals between these periods, while the teams change between each circuit.

Ice hockey is played on a 61 meter long and 30 meter wide ice rink with a disc called pak. Made of compressed plastic with a height of 2.5 centimeters, a diameter of 7.6 centimeters and a weight of about 160 grams, the pack can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour in hard shots.

In the world’s fastest team game, ice hockey, athletes can reach a speed of 40 kilometers during the competition. Teams take place on the field with 6 people including one goalkeeper. The team consists of a total of 20 people with reserves. Three of the five players on the court are offensive and two are defensive.

Players try to put the puck into the opposing team’s goal with ice hockey sticks. Thanks to the glass walls made of transparent and strong plastic that surrounds the track, the pack remains permanently in the playground. In this way, the game stops very little. Winning is determined by extension circuits or penalty shoot-outs in matches that have a normal draw. Players can direct the pack with their bodies in the match, but goals scored with any part of the body other than the bat are invalid.

Player changes

In ice hockey, player changes can be made while the game is stopped, as well as in progress.

In the top-level leagues, a player remains in the game for a maximum of 1-1.5 minutes at an entry. If the referee decides that a team has played with more players during a change in play, the team will be penalized and will miss 2 minutes. Any player who makes an illegal move within the game will be sentenced to a penalty of 2.5 or 10 minutes, during which time the punished team will have to play incomplete.

In ice hockey, the game starts with a referee’s start at a certain point between the two teams. There are 3 red lines (2 goal lines and half field lines) and 2 blue lines (offside lines) and 5 circles and 8 starting points extending transversely on the runway where the matches are played.

The ice hockey is served by a referee, two line referees, two goal referees, a scorer, a clock referee and an announcement referee.

It’s offside like football

Ice hockey has an offside rule like football.

According to the offside rule, the offensive team players can cross the blue line after crossing the blue line in the pure offensive area.

One of the basic rules other than offside is icing. Icing occurs when a team player removes the puck from his own halfcourt to cross the opposing team’s goal line.

The fight is inherent in ice hockey.

Ice hockey often comes up with fights on the field in the main news bulletins.

Ice hockey, which is played very fast and allows body contact with hard physical interventions, often entails controversy and controversy among players. After this scuffle and discussions between the players who can not control the nerves can be serious fights. These fights are considered to be inherent in ice hockey.

Most popular countries

Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, the United States and Slovakia are the leading countries on ice hockey.

Most of the best players in the world are competing in the National Hockey League (NHL). As the NHL began in 1917, as of 2007, the East-West conference is organized in two leagues with fifteen teams each.


Ice hockey was first played by Northern Europeans in the Middle Ages. In the middle of the 19th century, primitive form began to be played in Canada, the first official hockey game in 1855 is thought to be played in Kingston, Ontario.

The first match was recorded in 1865 by Robertson, a university student. Robertson later developed the first ice hockey rules. According to these rules, the teams consisted of nine players and a square pack was used. A committee in Montreal predicted that the game would be played with teams of seven. In 1909, the National Hockey Board decided to reduce the number of players to six. In 1893, the Stanley Cup started. In this trophy, the best Canadian hockey team is awarded the Lord Stanley award and continues today.

The start of ice hockey in Turkey

Ice hockey started to be played by Turkish athletes in the early 1980s in Ankara, Atatürk Ice Rink, the frozen pools of the Youth Park and the Korukent Ice Rink in Istanbul.

The two groups of young people from Ankara and Istanbul, who started playing ice hockey with extremely limited material facilities, played for the first time on January 9, 1988 at the Ankara Atatürk Ice Rink in front of approximately 200 spectators.

In 1990, the first tournament with the participation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Skating Club, Ankara Atatürk Ice Hockey Team and Istanbul Bosphorus Skating Club was held and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality won the first place. The first ice hockey league was held in 1993 with the participation of teams from this tournament. In 2006, the league was introduced to women.

National team ranked 41th in men and 33rd in women

International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), according to Turkey, at the national team level, 41 of 50 countries in the world ranking in men, while in women ranks 33 of 37 countries.

Turkey was created in 1992 for the first time Men’s Ice Hockey National Team, who amassed 815 points ranks 41, while women was 33 points in 1095.

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A Men’s National Team made its first win in history against New Zealand in 1998.

Women’s National Team was founded in 2006 for the first time.

Turkey for the first time in 2006. Women’s Ice Hockey National Team was formed and fought in World Championship Group 4. The Women’s League was held for the first time in the 2006-2007 season and the Police Academy won the first title.

Ice Hockey Men’s National Team completed the World Championship 3 rd class competitions which ended yesterday in Istanbul and managed to rise to 2B ranks.

Canada at the summit

In ice hockey, Canada is at the top of the world ranking for men and women.

Canada men’s team 3 thousand 690, women’s team 3 thousand 840 points with the first place. Canada is followed by Russia and Sweden for men, and USA and Finland for women.

There are 6 thousand 900 licensed athletes in Turkey

According to the data of Turkey Ice Hockey Federation has 6 thousand 900 licensed athletes in this sport in Turkey.

There are also 187 Turkish referees in this field.

There are six leagues in Turkey

5’s ice hockey league in Turkey.

Men’s Super League and 1st League, Women’s League as well as Young Men’s League under 20, 10-14 Age Group Stars League competitions and 6-10 Age Group Junior Tournament is held every year.

There are 5 provinces in Turkey in the hall

ice hockey match in Turkey is done in 5 provinces.

Ice hockey halls in Istanbul, Erzurum, Ankara, Kocaeli and Izmir serve clubs and athletes. The number of these halls is expected to increase to 18 in two years.

Precautions against injuries

Since ice hockey is a sport where players reach high speeds and fall and collisions are intense, players wear protective equipment.

According to the rules, every ice hockey player has to wear a helmet, knee pad, elbow, shoulder, hockey shorts, hockey gloves, hockey skates, hockey socks and jersey. The helmet protects the player from factors such as puck and sticks. Under international rules, players under the age of 18 have to use the cage-shaped visor that completely covers the front of their helmets. Other players may use glass or plastic visors that extend under their noses. In this case, most ice hockey players wear a muzzle to protect their teeth from future blows or sticks. The knee brace extends from the top of the knee to the skate and protects the front of the leg. Made of hard plastic. It doesn’t hurt thanks to the knee brace that strikes the leg. The armrest protects some of the arms with the elbows. It effectively protects the shoulders, shoulders and chest. Hockey shorts are made of durable fabric covered with hard plastic. There are harder, thicker and force-absorbing pads on the waist and hip area to prevent injuries in case of falls.

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Goalkeepers, unlike the players with their great appearance, striking goalkeeper knee pads, more protective goalkeeper breasts and goalkeeper helmets wears. The sticks of the goalkeepers are also different. The front of the goalkeeper skates is also more protective. The goalkeeper’s knee protects the goalkeeper in high-speed shots and provides a more comfortable rescue. The stability of the goalie’s helmet is of paramount importance because fast shots can hit the helmet. When the Pak hits the goalkeeper’s helmet, the referee stops the game and the goalkeeper is given a period of time.

Research shows that ice hockey does not present a greater risk of injury than other indoor sports or football.


The main penalties for ice hockey are:

Minor penalty: Any player other than the goalkeeper is removed from the ice for 2 minutes and cannot be substituted.

Penalty: Any player, including the goalkeeper, is removed from the ice for the remainder of the game and another player can be replaced after 5 minutes.

Match penalty: If a player from a team, including the goalkeeper, receives a match penalty, he is removed from the ice for the rest of the game and sent to the locker room. Another player replaces the player who was kicked out after 5 minutes.

Penalty shootout: A penalty shootout occurs if the 1st referee rules a penalty shoot-out for a violation, including a penalty.

A small penalty is given to the player other than the goalkeeper who deliberately falls on the puck or pulls the puck towards the body. Any player who initiates punching will be penalized.

No defender other than the goalkeeper can take the puck from the ice with his hand. The player who violates this rule is given a small penalty.

It is forbidden to hit the pouch above the shoulder level, and when done, the game is stopped immediately and the game is started from one of the two closest points to the offending team’s goal.

A minor penalty shall be imposed on the player who holds the opponent with his hand, bat or otherwise. The player who uses his bat as a hook to prevent or prevent his opponent from progressing is sentenced to a small penalty.

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