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Tennis is an Olympic sport, played in groups of two or two. Tennis players try to throw a rubber ball on the opponent’s court with the help of the rackets they have, and the person or team that collects the most points is the winner of the game.

Tennis has its roots in the Middle Ages, a game played by hand at that time. In the 1800s, it started to be played close to its current state. Today, tennis has become an Olympic sport, where people of all ages, countries, and all levels play. This sport is played on wood, grass, soil and concrete floors, in which the court has major dimensions.

What are Tennis Court Sizes?

Professionally designed tennis courts are rectangular, 10.97 wide and 23.77 long. The tennis court, with a height of 1.07 meters, is separated by a net passing over 2 poles. The net in the middle must be taut, and it is important that the net is woven frequently so that the ball does not pass through it.

How to Play Tennis?

Tennis is played in groups of two or two persons. Tennis players try to throw a racket with a rubber ball on the opponent’s court, the player or team that wins the most points in the rules.

After the ball is thrown on the opponent’s court;

  • If the ball bounces more than 1 in the court without hitting the opponent
  • If the opponent does not hit the ball
  • If the opposing opponent hits the ball and hits the net, he falls to his court
  • If the opposing opponent hits the ball but goes out of the court
  • If the ball touches the body when the opposing opponent hits the ball
  • If the opponent hits the ball more than 1 when he hits the ball
  • If the opponent hits the ball, the racket passes the net and points are lost.

Tennis Match

Tennis is played in 3 sets and 5 sets, The player who gets 2 in 3 sets of matches and who gets 3 in 5 sets of matches wins the match.

Tennis Game

The tennis match starts with 0-0, the first score of one of the opponents is 15, the second score is 30 and the third score is 40. The game is won when any of the opponents gets a fourth point when any party gets two or more points. If one of the opponents comes up to the third and the opponent is the same, the match is a draw. The referee points out the number of points of the person serving during the counting.

Service Shooting

The tennis match starts with one of the opponents serving, and the service is alternating. The serving opponent must make his horse at the back of the designated line. The second service must be used on the left side of the center line and fires on the right side of the opposing court.

Error in Service

Players using the service;

  • If he puts the ball in the net
  • If it does not throw the ball into the required service area
  • If it throws the ball into another part of the service area, it is considered an error. In this case, the person using the service should exercise the second service right.
  • Double Error
  • Persons who make the same number of service errors twice during service delivery are considered to have made double mistakes and lose points.

Exported in Tennis

In some tennis matches, if one of the players violates the rules and acts in the opposite way, it can lead to a direct export penalty, but it is a very serious and severe punishment to issue a direct export penalty from the tennis game without the steps included in the penalty scoring system. In such cases, the players concerned may appeal to the 1st referee and the decision of the 1st referee as a result of this appeal shall be deemed to be valid in the game.

Concepts Used in Tennis Sports

Service, players throw the ball in the hands of the racket with the help of throwing to the opposite court. The service should be used for right-handed people as follows.

The ball and the racket must stand parallel to the player’s hand
The service is passed to the part to be used and the ball must be thrown high from the person’s forehead along 2 arms.
The ball and the racket must be separated from each other in an equal manner, during which the racket must move backwards and then hit the ball.


The hand of the racket is a stroke that is made with the palm facing towards the side. This stroked arm should be pulled back and stretched, the legs should be slightly bent and parallel. The stretched racket rests directly at the bottom of the knees bent from below and must be hit.


In this shot, the racket must be pulled backwards with the help of two hands. With the racket pulled back, the face of the racket is shown towards the opponent. When pulling the racket, the knees must be twisted in parallel, and the ball must be hit from the front of the knees with two hands.

Set, Wins and Struggle

The player who wins 4 points in a tennis match wins one game, and the player who wins 6 games wins one set, 2 of 3 sets or 3 of 5 sets. When one of the opponents serves, the game starts, each number won is recorded on the player’s digit and the game continues. In tennis, the number is won in cases where the opponent throws the ball incorrectly, the ball stays on the opponent’s court, and the opponent uses the service incorrectly one after another. A player who gets three points and reaches 40 points will win 1 game if he wins one point. In total, 6 players will win one set. In tennis, women’s games are usually played in 3 sets, while men’s games are played in 45 sets. The winners of the match are the men or women who win the majority of the sets.

If a 40 to 40 tie occurs in a tennis match, the game is extended, and the next player gets the advantage. The player who gets a point after that will have won the match, and

if the opponent wins, the tie will continue. This game will end with one of the opponents gaining points and advantage. The game must be continued until the equality breaks.

Veteran Tennis

Veteran tennis games and tournaments are organized for people over a certain age who are interested in tennis. The status of a privileged team should be as follows;

  • For players aged 85 and over, there is a regular tournament.
  • The tournaments for veteran tennis begin at the age of 35 for men and women.
  • There are 75 age groups in women and 85 age categories in 5-year intervals.
  • All categories have competitions organized in international and national ways and are played as such.
  • 186 individual tournaments and team championships are played in the world in a year. This number may vary.
  • The oldest known player in the world is 93 years old.

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