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How to play American football? What are the rules?

According to Gallup’s annual polls, American football, the most popular sport in the United States since baseball passed in 1972, will start with the Green Bay Packers-New Orleans Saints game this evening and continue until the Super Bowl final in early February. What is American football? How to play and what are the rules?

American Football was born from the English sport Rugby. Formerly known as ‘American Rugby’, football was very close to today’s football by adapting to the new rules proposed by Walter Camp in the 1880s. Walter Camp is considered the father of American football.

At the beginning of the different aspects of American Football Rugby, players wear helmets during the match, face protection mask, waist belt, mouthguard, equipment such as shoulder pillow comes.

It consists of 11 players in both teams during the game. The playground is 120 yards (about 110 meters) long and 53 yards (about 49 meters) wide. There are transverse lines numbered from 50 to 10 on the pitch, which indicate the distance of the attacking team from the scorecard as ‘yards’.

Touchdown zones are available at each end of the field. These zones are called zone end zones.. On both goal lines there are castles close to the ’y’ format as the so-called ‘goal posts görüntü.

It is the ball that makes this sport known as ‘football’. Because the length of the ball is about one foot (about 30 cm). There are 7 referees in the field.

American Football Players

In an American football game, players are named by:

Offensive team; Quarterback, fullback, tailback, line (center, tackle, guard), receiver and tightend

Defense team: Line back, line (tackle, right end, left end), corner back, free safety and strong safety

General rules of American football

The winning team is the team with the most points at the end of the game. The game duration is 60 minutes at the end of the 4-quarter cycle of 15 minutes each. Unlike normal Turkish football, the game lasts 2.5 hours on average, as the time stops when the ball is not in play.

Each team has one attack, one defense and one starting team. One team plays offense and the other defense. The kickoff is called ‘kickoff ve and the starting team plays it.

One of the teams hits the ball and throws it to the opposite court. A player of the receiving team catches the ball and starts to move forward following the team’s special tactics. The opposing team also tries to stop them as far away from their goal zone as possible. When the ball is dropped or when the player first gets the ball in place, the game stops and the receiving team determines where the attacking team will start the game. After kicking ‘Kickoff’, the starting teams leave the field and in kickoff the offensive team of the receiving team and the defensive team of the balling team enter the field.

The attack team tries to move forward with the ball while the defense team tries to prevent this progress. The attacking team has 4 rights to pass every 10 yards. If it fails to advance 10 yards about 4, the ball passes to the opposing team. If he succeeds, he gets 4 more rights this time. There are two ways to advance the ball and therefore the team. This can be done by long pass or jogging. Although a player has the ball, he can run forward until the opponent is defeated by the defender. Atak players can help their friends by running the ball by blocking the opponent’s defenders. Or the quarterback stays behind the guard in front of him, until his buddies get a proper clearance, and he tries to pass the ball at the best possible time.

Stopping the opponent for the defense team can be done as interception or throwing the passer down or pushing the player out of the field. The ball falling to the ground before the carrier falls or the ball which has not yet touched the ground during a pass is active. So if an opponent player can catch this ball, he has the right to advance like an attacker.

The control of the ball is always on the attack team. The game always starts the same way; The attacker’s center player gives the ball to the quarterback from his legs. This is called ‘snap ve and the game starts at that moment. Before each snap, a brief meeting called ud huddle elik is held for approximately 40 seconds, where the attacking team instructs their friends to determine tactics for the next attack. When “Huddle” is over, each player of the attack team knows when to go and what other friends will do. The quarter-back ball, which receives the ball with a snap, can be handed to running players called “running back”. Running players also try to cross 10 yards. Or “quarter back” can throw a long pass to friends who can run very fast, called the wide receiver uzakt wide receiver uzakt and make them advance.

How to score goals in American football?

Touchdown: The real goal of American football. When the opponent’s last line is passed with the ball, a down touchdown ’is made and the value is 6 points. The touchdown team also has two choices for the chance to earn extra points. If the ball is re-entered to the opponent’s finish line, 2 points are awarded. Or if you hit the ball to the opponent’s goal, you will get 1 point. In general, teams prefer a 1-point kick, because the chances of success are much higher than a 2-point number try.

Field Goal: It is earned by hitting the ball with the foot of the opponent’s goal and is worth 3 points. So why do teams sometimes prefer a 3-point field goal instead of a 6-point touchdown? If a fourth down is experienced in the same 10-yard zone, ie the last right is used, the remaining time of the match is not sufficient for the ‘touchdown,, instead of taking a risk, a field goal is attempted with a footed shot. Again, teams can end the match by making a field goal in overtime.

‘Safety’: In American football, two points are written to the defense team when the pla

yer holding the ball on the offensive team is dropped by the opponent’s defender on his own goal line, then the ball passes to the defensive team.

Highest football league in USA: NFL

The most reputable of the American football leagues that have been matched in different rankings is the NFL, known as the National Football League. 32 teams from different cities and regions of the country fight. It is divided into two groups, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The group of each conference with 16 teams is also in 4 sub-groups. In the 17-week regular season, which lasts until mid-December, each team plays 16 games. Then, at the beginning of January, 12 teams, 6 of them from each conference, play off playoffs ”. The final match of one-match qualifying matches is called the “super bowl ve and the winner is the NFL Champion.

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