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Athlete Health Research and Athletic Performance Aum

The fact that there is a very small number of athletes’ health centers in Istanbul creates an important deficiency especially in the studies aimed at developing sports and health tourism in our country. The athletes should undergo annual health checks against the risk of sudden death in sports and their disability should be treated by professional teams and return to sports should be ensured as soon as possible. It is important that they are evaluated by physicians who are experts in this field. Sports health centers; The aim of this course is to provide the services related to prevention, condition and performance improvement, nutrition, doping and prevention of injuries by evaluating the suitability of individuals for exercise in license examinations and pre-attendance scans, and to provide return to sports with diagnosis-treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Orthopedists and sports physicians experienced in sports traumatology, biomechanics and exercise physiology can significantly reduce the disability experienced during the season and treat the disability earlier and more effectively. The initiatives that can be taken in our center are as follows:

The success of international competitions, which are modern platforms where countries try to show their superiority to each other; it is now known to be beyond random applications. In this context, sports professionals prefer to receive services from sports health experts. Providing Active Return to Sports by Diagnosis, Conservative and Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation of All Musculoskeletal Injuries,
Pre-Accession Evaluation of Sportsmen License Examinations, Disability and General Health Risk Groups,
Determining the Preventive Measures by Analyzing the Most Common Injury Types and Their Occurrence Mechanisms
Competitive, Performance Athletes Pre-Season and Regular Interim Advanced Health Screenings, Performance Analysis,
Physical and Anthropometric Measurements to be made to the Childhood Group to be directed to the appropriate sport branch, Physiological Evaluation of Optimal Training Level,
Sports Nutrition, Ergogenic Drug Use, Anti-Doping Counseling,
Preparation of Medical Exercise Program for Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Asthma, Calcification, Cartilage Damage, Bone Resorption…),
Establishment and Regular Follow-up of Individual Exercise Program for Weight Loss and Weight Control will be done in our center.

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With the development of technological opportunities and the scientific data obtained with the guidance of medical science, in cooperation with the technical and health team, in practice, it will be possible to prevent common disabilities, to treat the shortest and most effective way, and to achieve optimal performance of athletes. Sports Health Research and Athletic Performance Application Center: In this respect, it will serve amateur and recreational athletes, in particular national athletes, federations, municipal and club athletes.

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