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Swimming is, according to many sources, considered to be one of the most useful sports because it exercises almost all the muscles of the body. The force and resistance applied to water are the main reason for these muscles to work.

Swimming, just like walking and running, is a sport that is quite suitable for the human body and related to natural movements. At the same time, with the strength and resistance it gives to the body, it gives a good life discipline to those who are engaged in this sport. One of the disciplinary elements gained by swimming is to push people to work and perseverance. Because swimmers who lose work lose their form. Parallel to this, athletes embracing work and training provide great improvement for medium and long term. Since swimming is focused on strength and fitness, it also provides guidance on how much the human body’s limits can be pushed and developed.

Swimming requires exercise before starting sports. The body should be stretched and stretched before starting to swim, as it is more correct for the body to warm up. In addition, applying the right styles, learning breathing techniques and performing sports in harmony with water are critical steps of swimming. Correct implementation and learning of these steps will not only prevent the body from getting extra fatigue, but will also gain a complete peace of mind after the sport.

It is a well-known fact that swimming, which has important contributions to the regular functioning of metabolism, regulates blood circulation and thus helps the circulatory system. At the same time, because of the resistance it adds to the body, it is another benefit of swimming to protect athletes from diseases. Accordingly, it is another known snapshot that people living in northern countries enter and swim in very cold waters in order to increase their body resistance. Swimming should be done not only for professionals who are interested in this sport, but also for individuals who swim for several hours a week for healthy living. Since the human body can stand on water due to its structure, it is ensured that the body floats properly with technical information and correct applications. In addition, water-fearing individuals can also be provided with the right practices to overcome these fears.

The cleanliness and hygiene of the swimming environment is another requirement of this sport. Swimming in a clean environment is important for one’s health.

Details and Benefits of Swimming

The circulatory system; As mentioned above in summary form, swimming has a large and positive effect on the circulatory system of cardiovascular system. As a result of the trainings, heart rhythm and blood flow rates are regulated. Various working techniques and appropriate practices will make this situation more positive. As a result of the right-rate loads on the body, the heart minute volume is increased. With this increase, the rate of oxygen to the tissues will increase, especially for long distance swimmers to make this increase, both in terms of sport and health is very important.

During swimming, the horizontal position above or in the water ensures that the heart rate is higher than that of standing. In this position, the heart is filled with blood, it is in better condition. One of the reasons for this is that the buoyancy of the water resists gravity. Thus, the heart does not feel the need to constantly remove the blood in it. Again, the heart in the water does not have to constantly send blood to the skin due to body temperature. Thus, the blood to be spent for this, is sent to the working muscles are used more efficiently.

In short, it is clear that the circulatory system can do more useful work during swimming, since the condition of the heart being filled with blood due to the position of the heart allows more blood to be pumped in one contraction.
Respiratory system; The primary task of the respiratory system, which has a cycle that begins in the mouth and nose and ends in the lung, is to supply oxygen to the blood and to reduce the carbon dioxide content on the one hand. The air that reaches the lungs and is located in the air sacs located in the structure of this organ contains 14% -15% oxygen and 4.9% -9.9% carbon dioxide. Oxygen transfer and gas exchange are experienced from these air sacs to the capillaries which are tightly surrounded. The gas changes are transmitted to every cell and tissue of the body and gas changes occur at every point and oxygen is transported to the cells.

During swimming training, the body’s oxygen demand increases. Respiratory and circulatory systems also work in proportion to increasing oxygen demand. As a result of the increase in oxygen demand, more oxygen enters the organism and the body’s oxygen supply increases. Nervous system; In swimming, there is also a positive effect on the nervous system due to the functioning of almost all body muscles. Studies on the presence of water and water concern the nervous system through the sensory organs. Because sensory organs and nervous system work in a coordinated way.

The studies carried out in the water, and therefore the swimming sport, the nervous system is relaxing. The relaxation of the muscles after swimming exercises, or the feeling of relaxation and relaxation after washing shows that the nervous system is rested. At the same time, the comfort in the swimming environment, the sense of peace and happiness in the psyc

hological sense, positive developments that can be observed in the nervous system. The feeling of relaxation after sports is also reflected in the body as a result of relaxation of the nervous system.

Swimming has a number of positive effects not only in terms of systems mentioned but also as social and psychological factors. For example, swimming athletes (swimmers), high levels of self-confidence. Swimming sport increases self-confidence. At the same time, if there is a phobia of fear of water, one can easily overcome it. Adaptation and prevention of distractions are another achievement of this sport. Discipline, which is another feature mentioned briefly above, is reflected in a person’s whole life and leads to a more planned life. In addition to all these, individuals who are interested in swimming are becoming very active individuals in their social lives and become healthy and beneficial people in the community.

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