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Table tennis is a widely used hall sport. Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, was developed in England in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Table tennis, in 1900 in the United Kingdom and the United States with a special ball and tambourine like celluloid taut rackets. The “ping-pong” sounds, which progressed after the ball’s contact with the rackets, were also referred to by this name. Interest in the game decreased, but after World War I decreased interest in the game as time went by, I’m going a long distance. The Ping-Pong Union was founded in 1902 and disbanded in 1905 with a similar structure to the federation. After years passed, it was rebuilt in 1920 – 1921 under the name of Table Tennis Association. The International Table Tennis Federation (FITT), which was founded in 1926, has become a member of the table tennis associations of more than 110 countries. As for the number of athletes, it is possible to mention more than 1 million table tennis athletes who are members of these associations.

Information about the playground and the materials used

The sport of table tennis is played on a customized table that is hard, flat, and usually in green or blue, with a length of 274 cm and a width of 152 cm, whose geometric shape is rectangular and 76 cm high from the floor. Due to the speed inherent in the game, athletes need a large and comfortable space. Therefore, in table tennis championships, an area of ​​at least 6 meters and a length of at least 12 meters is provided for each table. The table is well-lit to avoid distress.

  • Stretched to connect the middle of the long sides of the table, the net is 15 cm high and slightly larger than the table.
  • The diameter of the hollow ball made of white cellulose or plastic material is 38 mm. The weight of this ball is about 2.5 grams.
  • Generally, wooden rackets are covered with rough rubber or plastic.

Table Tennis Rules

In general, the rules of table tennis play are very similar to the rules of tennis. The ball, which is hit by the racket, travels between the two sides of the net without leaving the field. The game, played in three or five sets, starts with the service, provided that it is determined in advance. The player, who comes to his own field and hits the ball with his racket, tries to send the ball to the opponent’s field. If the player fails to do so within the rules, his opponent wins a point. After each point, the service is served to start the game again. A total of five numbers, the serving party changes. Again, the total winning 21 points, the set wins. However, if a 20-20 draw is reached towards the end of the set, after this stage the service changes by each number and the opponent who scores two points to the opponent wins the set. When serving, players must hit the ball with an open palm with a racket. When serving only, the ball service must jump to the opponent’s pitch once in the pitch of the pitcher.

In matches called pairs, where there are two players on each side, the players are always on the right half of the table. The ball is thrown crosswise to the right half of the opposing field. Spouses alternately use the service.

The important point between table tennis and tennis

The spin kick technique used in table tennis is much more important than the derivative kick used in tennis. Table tennis players are advised not to play tennis due to the effects of such strokes and the advantages that may become disadvantages. In addition, wrist movements are the main focus in table tennis, while the use of arm and shoulder-oriented strokes in tennis is another point of difference and is sometimes an obstacle to do

ing these two sports together. Despite all this, at the age of 18, he became the World Table Tennis Champion, as well as the greatest tennis player of his time, Fred Perry, who grew up in both sports.

One of the most well-known table tennis players worldwide is Victor Barna, who won another World Championship on behalf of England after winning the World Championship for Hungary for five years.

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